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Introducing Iscah

I don't want to spam, so I guess click on my journal if you want to see anything I mention.

Hi, I write fantasy as Iscah and nonfiction as Kay Iscah, as well as do art and design work...oh and songwriting, though I'm not as active in that. To keep me from going mad with social network overload, I decided to only have one catch all creative blog on LJ.

But fantasy is my first love. I put a fantasy novella out on Kindle at the end of May called Before the Fairytale: The Girl With No Name (about a shapeshifter, not the girl raised by monkeys), and I have a novel coming out before the end of this year called Seventh Night, which is a bit like The Princess Bride but with unicorns and two female leads instead of one. I also have some short stories up on Fictionpress which I may repost here soon.

I'm a nerd for all seasons. I have fairly diverse taste, but I prefer cleaner fantasy and am a bit of a quality snob. Not that it needs to be sterile, but I don't like sex and violence for the sake of sex and violence.

I have over 70 books on my to-be-read pile, so if I don't seem over excited about reading suggestions it's because I need to get through those and make some space on my shelves before I add any to the pile. Reading "The Enchanted Castle" now.

Before the Fairytale: The Girl With No Name is the first in a set of four stories, and I'm posting the second story in the set Horse Feathers as a weekly serial on Fictionpress. While I may repost some of my short stories here, I probably need to keep the serial in one place for ease of editing. I edit before I post, but since it's a weekly serial, the occasional typo slips through. It's much easier to edit one file than try to hunt it down in a blog community for repair.

I think that's long winded enough. Hello, everyone, carry on.
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