Blood of Winter (blood_of_winter) wrote in fantasywriters,
Blood of Winter

Just a little holiday reminder

I try to make this reminder around the holidays. Most of the writers on here are either published or hope to be published. What better way to boost the economy, help your own writing, and make life easier for your friends and family than by asking for a magazine subscription or two?

Small presses can really use your support. As some of you know, Realms of Fantasy closed down not too long ago because it could not afford to stay open. Damnation books has bought the magazine but I fear its fate will be the same if it does not get more subscribers. I'm sure there are plenty more magazines out there suffering the same fate (paper and online).

So, whether you write genre fiction or literary fiction or mainstream fiction, ask for a subscription. If a magazine is free online, it probably could use financial support and memberships usually have perks. Remember, without markets, where will we sell our work?

Also, if you know someone who likes to read short fiction, consider gifting a subscription. Now that is a gift that gives all year round!

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